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Ron DMC Walker Sr


Hello how are you doing? Praying that your special day is filled with joy and wonder blessings Day. A person singled out as one sweetheart reading or gift sent to one's sweetheart Daddy lol-girls day. God bless you peace and love and happiness to you, it's been a blast for me to have a Penpals you can ask Daddy for your lovely daddy lil-girls.

DJ Ron G.
President Red " Producer, owner, www.DJ machine. Ron DMC, the youngest producer in New York, DJ Ron G. and the name is Ronny?(Ron slide the tape DJ Ron G., www.profile
Machiavevlli's DJ Ron G., Cut creator in the name? R_O_N_N_Y seen and unseening DJ Ron G., Over the records the Creater, CEO., Producer of profile records, Ron slides the tape (pleasure principle phais). Ron is change me! MOTON TOWN BLESS, we can take a value, you and me been to bed you get to grand your, (1987):WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR ME LATELE, control):

I has been writing, recording, and performing since the age of 10 year older. RON .D.M.'C or DJ Ron  G., The producer of profile records, CEO. 1775 Broadway, New York, NY 10019.

Take a picture using your camera phone go on line twitter@Janet Jackson. MTV, Janet pregnant? Take a photographs developed it, and sent it to me me?Ronny's Babie" Injoy my baby, MS Janet Foxy Walker: (Syinge Baby). How you keep a secret for a year? Year later! Any words on our royal Proclamation, RON D.M.'C. peace be unto you (As salaamu alaykum God's "Messiah" The King of Pop, music?

RON D.M.'C. musical style and sound is reminiscent of the "Golden Era" (1979-1989) Ronny started before, new edition get start its. ROn D.M.'C. Ron Slide the tape! DJ Ron G. (Profile Records). Owner my own label the king of hip-hop, Ron is! Befor anybody else got to touch it's? Hip-hop Ron did it, start it. RonD.M.'C., Copyright status or ownership of work? (License). I start a record label, profile records, CEO. Questions about these lyrics (PLEASURE PRINCPLE Phais). Lyric I submitted, Ron slides the tape? Or Ron you build your life one guarantee! Or Red Boy up, Ron I am ride in your "limousine! "Ron not their? Principle is a book. (Holy book's).Messiah's since the number "one" represents the principle of knowledge in the supreme mathemtice, the Black Sea being the first see, was referred to as the "Knowledge seed". Therefore Allah understood that Messiah's nature was to be a source of knowledge. "Black Messiah "RON D.M.'C, nine is the highest number in the numerical system into this world. Thus these nine black youth came to be known as the "First Born"They were Karriem or Black Messiah, Isa Messiah Walker, Niheem or Bisme Allah, Uhuru, Kihiem, Al-Jabbar or Prince Allah, AL Jamel, Bilal or Jihad or ABG7, and Salam: Not be anti-white nor pro-black, they should fear nothing in this world, the devil did it not fear death. His only fear was of Allah, because he knew not when or how he would come.

I can be reached thru by downloading the free app store or google play by visit and send money anytime, anywhere. Send cash with moneygram at loctions including CVS and Walmart (receive code 1232)

LOVE YOU J. Jam number ones! Ron G.
African American Messiah Ron G
Muslim 5%
Serving a Life Sentence
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