Michael Book # 236848
168 Lee Adjustment Center Drive
Beatyville   KY   41311   USA
Michael Book
Hey all you beautiful guys out there reading this. I hope that I can catch our attention and let you know that if you pass this ad up, you are passing up a chance at meeting a great person. Yes, I’ve made bad/poor choices but there is a lot more to me that just my crimes from my past.

Well, to tell you about myself, my name is Michael Book, I’m 30 years oldy. I’m a gay male seeking to correspond with mature guys that have been through some things in life and maybe offer me some advice, knowledge, and maybe some kind of guidance. I’ve done things my way and they ain’t worked out for me. So why not try new ways from people with experience. I know that friendship/relationships take time, respect, loyalty and most of all, trust and honesty. If you decide to write to me, I promise that you’ll receive all of the above and nothing less...  I’m a very open person, you can ask me anything I have nothing but time to spare and would love to share about myself and you as well. This won’t be the easiest friendship/relationship that you’ve been in giving my situation in prison and all but our time together will be full of joy, laughs, and smiles. Like every friendship/relationship there will probably be disagreement, but as long as we trust and respect one another, we shall get through it.

My time in prison is short. I see the parole board next July. I’m hopeful I will make it. Look I can only receive regular mail right now. I hope I’m not asking too much of you to take 10-15 minutes out of your day to reach out and bring some joy into my life and I will do the same in return. Well, I’ve taken the first step now. I’ll be waiting on you, don’t take to long for I’ll be waiting at the door at night for your letter at mail call.

Take care and be safe. Sincerely, Michael Book

Meth, Escape, Contraband, Burglary
Ad Start: 08-19-2021
Ad Expiration: 08-19-2022