Corey Bingham
Corey Bingham # 235818
M C F Rush City
7600 525th Street
Rush City   MN   55069   USA
Hi my name is Corey. I am currently in prison right now. Before this I worked doing sidewalks and curbs. Working my way towards building bridges and other construction work. Also going to school for business management. As well as being a single father, to two beautiful girls. Which they both just turned 14 this year. Not twins both have different moms.

I am 39 yrs.old. Here looking for a friend. An honest person, straightforward and someone to talk to about anything without judgment. Here’s a little bit more about myself. I love to have fun with family and friends. My favorite is cooking, especially barbecuing. Also I’m open for trying out new things. Stepping outside of my element.

I like getting to know people and build trust. I am 6’5” 210 lbs. with honey brown eyes. So I am athletic, have a lot of stamina and endurance. I have brown skin and I am starting to grow back dreads. Originally I am from Mississippi but now I reside in Minnesota.

I have been here for about 16 years and counting. WIlling to relocate if needed. Looking forward to opening up a food truck and expanding from there. Something that I can leave behind for my kids. Like a clothing line in their names on the brand. Probably breed some exotic animals too.

I like to go fishing, shooting pool, playing cornhoel, beer pong, etc. So now seeking kinetic energy, positive vibes only. If you would like to learn more about me.

Or let me know things about you. Contact me ASAP, otherwise have a blessed life. I hope everyone finds what they are looking for. Everybody’s beautiful whether you believe it or not.

Hopefully I put a smile on someone’s face.

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