Thaddeus Clemons
Thaddeus Clemons # 2343265
Hughes Unit
Rt 2 Box 440
Gatesville   TX   76597   USA
Hey, my name is Thaddeus Clements. I'm 23 years old and I'm looking for someone 2 vibe with, positive vibes only.  I’m athletic build, and my personality is outgoing. I love to live, laugh and enjoy life.  I have my high school diploma and am currently taking college courses as I speak.

As you know I'm incarcerated. I only have a 7 year sentence. I come up for parole in August 2022.  As of right now I'm looking for someone serious.  I'm strictly about love, life, loyalty, knowledge, wisdom, understanding and building character.  I do have one son and he's my world. I'm from Austin, TX and it's a beautiful place to live and visit.  I'm just doing the best that I can with my time so I can finally put this behind me and get on with life.

I do believe in God, I understand that communication rules the nation and I'm a great communicator.  I enjoy observing beautiful art, so my body is my masterpiece for display through my tattoos.

It won't be long before I am released back to society, to lead a life of working, education and following my ambitions.  I look forward to being a great father to my son and a husband to a loyal, loving and affectionate future wife I have yet to find, but still searching.

Thank you for your time.

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Ad Start: 02-24-22
Ad Expiration:  02-24-23
African American,
Puerto Rican
Release Date