Gary Frankopoulos
Hello everyone!

I'm Italian and love animals. I even have one of my dogs tattooed on my arm, as well as many more tattoos. I've had a very good upbringing and a blessed and privileged life thus far. I have a good sense of humor, which I lean on heavily during my time incarcerated.

I believe that honesty can be better than any phony story/lie that can be manifested, so talk to me about anything at all! I love the New York Yankees, love to travel, and meet new people to broaden my knowledge of different cultures and traditions. I'm very close to my family and loved ones. I have two amazing boys and a sweet little girl. I pretty much grew up in my family's restaurant and consider myself a good cook, who knows his way around a kitchen.

I'm looking for new friends in my life who like to have fun, laugh, and enjoy life. I feel as though my life can only go up from here, LOL.

I've been told I'm a great listener, give good advice, and always try to see the positive side of things, even from in here. I have a lot to offer and say. I hope to hear from you soon and will always write back. I'll just wait here at the all-inclusive Connecticut resorts where the food is bland and the beds are horrible with the view of a wall, LOL.

Smile everyone cause sometimes life is taken too seriously.

Gary Frankopoulos # 231560
Osborn Correctional Institution
335 Bilton Road P O Box 100
Somers, CT 06071 USA
Women, Men, Friends
2nd Degree Attempt Robbery
Release Date
Ad Start: 03-29-18
Ad Expiration:03-29-19