Mark Rodriguez 
Saludo's as I send my realist and highest love out to great each and every one of you that stopped to consider me as a prospect friend. 

I hope all those you hold near and dear to your heart are doing well within these trying times we're facing.

My name is Markos Antonio. I'm looking for friendship from all walks of life. I love all types of women shapes and sizes, there's no such thing as ugly women in my eyes, only ugly acts plus image in age does not apply when it comes to friendship so with that said understand I know the meaning of friendship not just words.

I would love for you to do lead me through the world by what you see be the illumination in my life to remove the darkness that suffocates and holds me to this world of captivity were all is just another shade of cold gray's let your eyes be my guide take my hand and allow me to journey through your mind and help me breathe through every amazing moment and story that Gods have blessed you with. Caress me with realness place loyalty in front of me. Open my eyes, give life and hope to my better tomorrow because by sitting here I've come to find out I'm losing small parts of what once molded my mind my heart body and soul are at war with this place. Be my eyes, arms, legs to help me once more know all the things which have been snatched away and forbidden.

Tell me all about yourself, give me a taste or just a small lick. Describe your characteristics, may be a photo so I can see the gem that is opposite of all these lines.

Smilez & Lov

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