Eli Hammer
Personal Essay
Hello! I take this awesome opportunity and great privilege to introduce myself to the special, and no doubt, most extraordinary person that shall respond in search for the mutual companionship I desire to find myself for friendship and “Only God Knows Why” (Song-Kid Rock). My name is Christopher “Eli” Hammer (my friends call me Eli). I am thirty-eight (38) yrs young; 6 foot 2inches tall, with brown eyes. Born in Bloomington, Indianna. But many years ago, I moved to Texas due to dad’s health. My father was a good man… He took his own life, respectfully. I continued thereafter but for a couple wrong turns in life. I didn’t always make the best choices thus I find myself incarcerated today in the Texas Prison System, serving a 32 year term for manufacturing a control substance (Meth) with two (2) (served). I shall be eligible for parole review in March 2023. I’ve learned to take personal responsibility for the poor choices made and today I also learned to keep a positive attitude and outlook with the concept that “they can’t keep a good man down”.

I  don’t like to boast, but I like to believe I am a good man, in spite of my current circumstances. I am single with no children. Prior to a change in my life (incarcerations) I owned my own business (transportation) having a couple of 18 wheelers. My future goal is to restart my transportation business again in Texas.

My current goals, while in prison, is to obtain my GED and further my education. My style is “Country”. I like country music, but I too have a taste for Classic Rock. -Sports- Football Fan! .-Tattoos - Facebook under Eli.

Eli Hammer  # 2302340
Willacy County
1695 South Buffalo Drive
Raymondville   TX   78580   USA
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Manufacturing Meth
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