Daniel Lopez
Daniel Lopez # 2297522
Middleton Unit
13055 FM 3522
Abilene   TX   79601   USA
Hello Ladies,
I’m Daniel Luis Lopez Sr.  I’m here to attain a private connection with somebody.  I’m 40 years old and I’m a Leo.  I’m also a father of three, one girl 16 and two boys, one 20 and the other 21. They are the most excellent of all living things in my existence.  I’m a Hispanic male, 6’0 foot tall with a bunch of art work on my body.  I stay in shape doing exercises and eat hearty meals.  I also draw people and anything I can see.  I’ve been married once for 20 years.  I’ve been incarcerated going on 3 years.  I got 30 years state and life in the federal system, which means I’m never going to be released from the institution.

I never had a job, I learned how to clean, build, sew and draw.  I’m looking to connect with someone that’s decent and very open spirit.  I’m also willing to try out new bonds with unrelated beings.  I listen to mainly rap, but I like country, R and B, rock, oldies, acoustic and anything that has good meaning to it.  I think all living creatures on the planet and in the universe has meaning to its existence for being here.  I despise people that physically kill anything living unless its self-defense.

I’d like to end this by saying I’m very humble and honest and wish the best for everyone.  I treat everyone the same, no matter who you are or what you are.  I’m only searching for females to conversate with on this site.  I’m ready to conversate, so hit me when you feel serviceable to engage in a chit chat with me.

Toward the End

Release Date
Serving A Life Sentence
Ad Start: 02-25-21
Ad Expiration:  02-25-23