Terrance Bohanna # 2293592
Clemens Unit
11034 Highway 36
Brazoria   TX   77422   USA
Terrance Bohanna
I'm from Houston,Texas. I'm 5’ 9 and 190 pounds. I work out everyday as well as pray my daily prayers, I am a Muslim. First time in jail, no criminal history.

I'm just looking for loyal friendship as you can see I have no updated picture of me, just my 2012 graduation picture. I look the same just have muscle tone added to me. I stay well-groomed even though I'm incarcerated.

If there's anything else you would like to know or want to be my pen pal send a JPay or write me include your address so I can respond back.

Women only.

Hello everyone as you might know my profile will expire on 09/23/2022. I’ve been completely honest with my profile. I am still looking for a loyal, honest, female friend Pen Pal to write and talk to.For those looking at my profile and conviction I ask please don't judge me and don't allow that to determine if you should write me or not. I ask that you get to know me first before anything,at least I’ve been truthful about my profile [picture and all.

I’m a first timer and I will be going home someday. I have family and support from close friends of mine and I’m thankful for that.

I will be honest, respectful and truthful towards any of my Pen Pals. I ask for the same in return. I just want someone I can take to and have good conversations with. I prefer you to write me a letter telling me about yourself as well and getting to know the real me, not the incarcerated me but the fun, loving and caring me. Give me a chance and please don’t judge me on what I’m convicted of, get to know me.

God Bless you and thank-you.

Aggravated Sexual Assault
Ad Start: 09-23-2021
Ad Expiration: 09-23-2022