Prison Pen Pals:
What did the fish say when he hit the wall?  Damn!  HA HA HA HAA!!  If I have only 200 words, 20 of those are gone already LoL!  And as I’m writing this, I’m finding my own self amusing while hoping that this beginning brings a smile and slight interest to the next 147 words or so.  I love being a father.   Music does calm the soul and speaks to the many emotions or events we go through in this life.  I’m in Utah State Prison on a 0-5 year attempted sexual offense charge that of course I regret and I’m in the process and program now to change, thinking errors and past behavior issues.  I’m open to any of your questions regarding this issue if it presents itself to be one for you.  Honesty, loyalty, support, acceptance and understanding are characteristics and attributes I’m looking for, but are also offering.

I’m truly looking for the connection, although physical attraction does play a part:  It’s not part of the grandeur picture, which is the communication, listening and willingness to share and to be open.  If you decide to write and further this meeting, please enclose a picture.

Sincerely, Winston
PS:  The reason I’m in a county jail because it’s part of the prison inmate placement program cause prison is kind of full!!


Winston H Webster Jr # 227791
Utah Staate Prison
971 E Kane Plex Drive
Kanab   UT   84741   USA
Winston H Webster Jr
Spiritual Faithful
Attempted Sexual Assault
Release Date
Contingent on Program Finish,
Possibly 12/2/2022
Ad Start:   04-01-21
Ad Expiration:  04-01-22
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