Vince Wade

Ciao Amici (Hello Friends).

My name is Vince (aka Sabatino) and I'm serving a life w/o parole sentence for murder. Being upfront and straightforward. I'm guilty as charged, no bones about it. But, if you want to know the real me, write.

As a small insight, I've always been, and will remain, a standup and goodhearted person. I should also note that this is my first incarceration. So yes, I was truly smashed by the judiciary system. But, all that glitters is not gold. I am currently giving the life w/o parole back, guaranteed. Will explain if you wish to write.

Right now, I'm just looking for some friends to kick it with while I work on my case. I like to write so you'll always receive a response from me. And if anything else happens, it happens.

Me personally, I love to draw whatever looks cool to me or whatever's on my mind. My drawings are 9 x 12 and are too large to post on this ad. But I have no problem sending you something if we become friends. I've always been into working on cars and racing with them. Whether it be drag, Stock or NASCAR, I'm into all. I also love animals, always had a dog growing up. Just something about the unconditional love an animal gives you love. Other than that, and not wanting to pull you into a long drawn out story, I'm really just looking for some people that want to pass some time.

I truly am a good person that caught up in something that got out of control. Again, I'm not innocent! So don't think I'm trying to get over on you. I just want you to know the truth before you start writing. But also know that I'm a friend until the end.

With that, I am truly interested in all that want to pass some precious, personal time with me. I'm also running out of words for this ad! Haaaaaaa! So I need to cut it short! I might have life w/o parole (for now), but I'm not dead! Don't be fooled, I still have a lot of jokester in me!

Lastly, do not put return addresses that are stickers. This prison tears them off so I won't know where to send my letter if you write. Any type of greeting card is also not allowed. They will come back to you.

Cia Mio Amico,
(Goodbye my friend)

Vince Wade # 227238/0381464
14100 McMullen Highway SW Cumberland, MD 21502 USA
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