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Hey what’s up, how you doing? Myself, I’m doing fine.Maybe a bit lonely at times, but that’s why I’m reaching out and seeing how much goodness is out there in the world. I’m new to this here and I’m hoping to meet some cool people and have positive and upbeat conversations. So, if you like to talk and  get deep, then hit me up. I’m always interested in good conversation.

Some of my current interests are weight-lifting, Native American Beadwork (medallions and earrings) and college correspondence courses. I’m finishing up my bachelor’s in business, with 30 credits left. Then I’d like to start a magazine publishing something or other. With a lil bit of help from the outside. I could be a great help to someone. My release date is Oct 2025, so I got some time, with none of it to waste, though.

I’m 33 yrs old, mixed with black, Cuban, and Native. I’m an Aquarius, a romantic, and a jokester. My favorite music artist is “The Weekend”. Pretty much any song, but definitely, The Hills & Acquainted. Also, Sam Hunt when it comes to Country and favorite song by Sam Hunt is “Take Your Time.” A damn good song!

Anyway, you can go to and set up a free account and email me or you can write to me. Either way works for me, just hit me up. Help me get through this lonesome time. And, keep me in your prayers. TTYL

Always Stay Humble

Gabriel Ross

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African American, Native American,
Criminal Sexual Assault 4th Degree
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