James Johnson
James Johnson # 2262780
Michael Unit
2664 FM 2054
Tennessee Colony   TX   75886   USA
Let me proudly introduce myself. My name is James Johnson. I'm a God-fearing Afro-American. I reside in Dallas, Texas. I'm 55 yrs. of age. My zodiac sign is Cancer. I'm 6’ 1 and weigh 235 lbs.

My hobbies are church service, going to the movies, concerts, plays, traveling & exercising.

I am currently incarcerated in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. Sentenced to 40 years for the conviction of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon & interference of a 911 call. I'm currently waiting on my appeal.

I am also a great fan of loyalty, Compassion, communication, trust & understanding. They are the secrets to a great friendship and as the journey is presented to us I pray that we make the very best of a joyful & successful friendship. I'll be honest for the opportunity to meet you, I hope to hear from you soon.

Please send a return address & if possible enclose a photo as well, again looking forward to meeting you until then May God bless you.

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Legal Help
African American
Aggravated Assault w/Deadly Weapon
Release Date
2039 Appealed