Demetrius Miller

My name is Demetrius Jermaine Miller Sr. I'm 5'9", to 30 pounds of solid muscle spirituality. I'm growing to equal my physical self, mentally I'm a match with my weight, mind, body and soul is something I work at understanding the importance of the three.

I'm a God-fearing man, plus I come from a good background of 2 sisters being ordained ministers that lead by great example. But I strayed away from the flock at one point in life to now be recaptured and born-again greater man than ever

I'm looking for a friend to help lift me as I do her and not the opposite of tearing me down.

I'm wrongfully convicted of a crime I didn't commit doing the time for it. However I've given 4 years back by the grace of God with fate that I'll soon be exonerated.

Since I've been incarcerated I've achieved 27 certificates from every self help prison programs that were available to me that I've learned a lot of tools from to carry on in life like never before. My goal is to complete welding class and own my own home advocating for others that's wrongfully accused like myself with little resources to fight being railroaded. As for my character, I'm a very understanding person with a pretty good sense of humor. Open for discussion to understand the more. So feel free to ask.

Demetrius Miller  # 223732
Moose Lake
1000 Lake Shore Drive
Moose Lake, MN 55767 USA
African American
Believe in God
1st° Criminal Sexual Conduct 1st° Aggravated Robbery
Release Date
2026 or 2025
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Ad Expiration:07-12-20