Maurice Young
Maurice Young # 2228760
Oliver J Belle Unit
P O Box 1678
Cleveland   TX   77328   USA
Hello, my government name is Maurice D. Young and I’m known as YG tha’ Great. I’m a child of God first and foremost. I’m a black man standing at 5’8”, 210 pounds, nicely built with dark brown eyes and wavey black hair. I’m a mixture of African-American & Native American (Choctaw). I’m also from the Dallas, Texas area, and I’m 46 yrs of wisdom, knowledge and a super-sized bag of fun one I’m gotten to be known. I’m basically tapping into this pen-pal service looking to meet new people from different & various walks of life. I’m also a very open & transparent book and love to share me - my life & my struggles, so I’m very down to earth. Also, I simply love to converse with the opposite sex - because they - to me - are one of God’s greatest creations.

Okay as to my incarceration, I’ve nothing to hide. I’m currently serving a 5 yr sentence for impeding breath in toxic relationship. I’ve prayed to God for forgiveness on her because only we know the truth of the matter. So with that being said, if you can overlook that, then I ask that you plz contact me and you’ll never regret it because we all need a friend. Bye for now…
Maurice Young

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African American,
Native American
Family Violance,
Impeeding Breath
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