Dwayne Morgan
Dwayne Morgan # 2225451
899 FM 632
Kennedy   TX   78119   USA
If you're reading this I would like to thank you for taking the time out of your day to consider people like me who are incarcerated. With that said, here's a little about myself for those of you who are interested in getting to know me. I am from a small town in Texas. I grew up with two younger siblings in a good household, we always had what we needed and sometimes what we wanted. Up until the age of 15 I was quite sheltered, that's when I started using drugs and living the street life. We all know where that leads so I started bouncing in and out of jail. It was ups and downs for me. I made some good money and spent a lot of it. That is what has me sitting here hoping for a friend to write and get to know.

So the present me is a lot more mature. I am a positive, humble, understanding and respectful person now. All this has been a change for me considering who I used to be. As I prepare myself for the world now, my goal is to open a tattoo shop and do some traveling.

I have wasted the younger part of my life on nonsense. So from this point on I will live my life to the fullest with as much positivity as I can and for anyone who would like to help me with this, I'll be here waiting to hear from you.

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