Robert Brown
Hey, ladies and friends, my name is Rob, I‘m in prison currently sitting out a 12 year sentence for drug possession and a simple assault on a police officer.
I am seeking to find someone interesting that can share some of the same great qualities I have to offer.  I enjoy great music, good food and the people around them.   I have little family. I don't have no children but, I love children.

Looking for someone caring and sweet to pass this time with, hopefully a friendship or even a serious relationship. I am open for any and all conversation and women.  I'm from Michigan but raised in San Antonio, Texas. I am dark skin, 6 foot 2 inches tall. I’m 245 with athletic muscular build. I have a lot of tattoos, all good work and they all represent my cultural background. I’m very presentable.
If any woman is interested in building a friendship or even a relationship please don’t be shy nor intimidated. I could be a teddy bear at times so send a response. I’m really open.  I also want to find someone that is looking to be motivated in all positive ways. I’m the type that loves to see success in others.
As for now I am incarcerated and looking for some support through this time, but that doesn’t stop me from being myself.

I love to network, it's built in me, my gift is the agility to advertise and market. I am extremely talented at the moment. I’m a promoter for a clothing line named Hustle Over Luck and a Herbal merchandise company called the DNG project so if you get to know me I will share info about my life so if you think you’re interested send me a Intro. -Rob-

Zodiac Astrological Sign: Virgo
Favorite Restaurant: Papa Devx
Favorite Color: Green
Hobby: Going to game rooms
Favorite Food: Seafood
Favorite Sport: Football
Favorite Book: Think and grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
Highest level of Education Completed! 2 yrs. of college Attended Prairie View A&M Major in Nursing (didn’t complete).

The photos I selected for my ad are most of the things I’m very interested in. I am a big animal lover but I prefer dogs, love them to death.
So I sure hope you enjoyed my ad and give me a response - Rob

Robert Brown # 2217944
Torres Unit
125 Private Rod 4303
Hondo   TX   78861   USA

My Face Close Up
Brunch Plate ~ French Toast
Fish Nuggetts Fries Macaroni Cheese
Mini Bully Name Is Sexxi
My Dream Car Goals!!!
I Love Hustle Over Luck
Hustle Over Luck 4Ever
My Type of Candy
True Dog Lover
His Name Is Mr Bigg
More Good Food ~ Chicken Alfredo
GND Project
Ad Start: 06-23-2022
Ad Expiration: 06-23-2023
Women, Friends, Donations,
Legal Help
African American, Dominican
Possession 4-200 of Controlled Substance, Assault on Public Servant
Release Date