Kelvin Tate
My name is Kelvin Tate.

I'm 30 years old, half black half white. I have an athletic build. I love sports, the outdoors and music. In my free time I like to just chill, watch movies, relax and hang out with my 3 beautiful kids. I have 2 girls ages 9 and 5, and a little mini me who's 2.

I'm single cause I choose to be. I'm spontaneous and for now I'm just looking to find someone whether that be a lover, friend, or companion. I'm open to anything that's good for me. Honestly at the end of the day I believe a real friendsip is the foundaton to any kind of a relationship. I'm a good friend when given the opportunity. I'm up beat, honest, loyal,real, positive, down to earth, judge free, educated and just an all around good guy.

I have made mistakes in my past that I have learned from and am still learning from but those mistakes in the past don't define who I am.

Please feel free to ask me anything about myself. I have nothing to hide. I promise that I will be completly honest with you about anything. Please feel free to share with me anything about yourself that you're comfortable with sharing.

I  know that writing letters isn't the easiest thing, so if that's not you you then I get it. I can call you, too so send your number.

Hope to hear from you soon.


Kelvin Tate # 221477
P O Box 550  
Gunnison, UT 84634 USA
African American Caucasian
Aggravated Burglary Theft
Release Date
Ad Start: 02-20-20
Ad Expiration:02-20-21