Jennifer Brandon
Jennifer Brandon  # 221313    
Utah State Prison 
P O Box 250  
Draper, UT 84020 USA
Jennifer  Rylee Brandon  DOC # 221313  UDC photos available-write me!

If I catch your attention!

My charges: money laundering and distribution-let me start off by saying I'm a single mom and sometimes life is hard and you go into survival mode and prison is where I ended up. I'm not proud of what I've done. Because I'm here, real lonely and without my kids which I thank God every day I have loving parents to take care of my kids.

I'm 34 years old my B-day is July 18, 1984. I have strawberry-blonde hair, blue eyes, weigh 150 lbs. now LOL. I'm 5'5", Hispanic and half Irish. I'm fluent in Spanish and speak some Hindu.

I'm looking for someone to pass my time with and get to know, see where things go. I love men and women and enjoy making new friends. I'm real fun and outgoing.

I believe I might have 1-2 years left in prison not sure but if you have the time to get to know me then so do I-so write me because I'm that person you need your life..
Men, Women, Friends, Donations
Caucasian, Hispanic
Money-Laundering Distribution
Release Date
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