Larry Hardman
Larry Hardman # 221106
Lee Adjustment Center
168 Lee Adjustment Center Drive
Beattyville   KY   41311   USA
Hi!  Would you believe me if I told you that it took my whole life to write these words? My whole life for me to know myself well enough to adequately represent myself in a very short bio.

So, my look and vibe. Dreads, tattoos. The pic on my profile is a bit outdated, my dreads are almost shoulder length now and I never look as serious. LOL. Alright, I am confident, sexy and a total nerd. I write books, poetry and songs. I am an artist. I sing, play piano and guitar. I used to own a Record Label and a restaurant. I'm very creative, ambitious, and have a ridiculous work ethic. I am currently a psyche major in college, leaning towards the fields of neural psychology and biomolecular epigenetics.

I love learning, I am emotionally intelligent and mature. I'm introverted. I would rather have quality friendships than a quantity of. I am outgoing, I enjoy lots of stuff, especially music festivals, bonfires, trees, Raves, art fairs, and theater.

I love our planet and I am fiercely protected of her. I love tattoos, piercings and weirdness.

The gender I am attracted to or interested in is female. I do not have a desire or interest in masculinity, not even for friendship, sorry.

I am looking for a friend or two to correspond with, but would be happy with one frequent and consistent pen-pal. I have approximately 2 years at the very most left. The best way to contact me is via JPay. Please leave your return address so I can respond back to you. Phone calls are great and snail mail is cool too

I look forward to meeting you, especially if you can relate to what I wrote in this Bio!

Ad Start: 03-02-2023
Ad Expiration:  03-02-2024
Thelema / Atheo-Pagan
Robbery, Burglary, Sex Abuse
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