Timothy Stewart
About me

Right now I'm in a lot of pain. I've lost  2 big brothers, 1 Auntie and a granddaddy and grandmother. The last 3 back to back. My grandma was my all and I'm taking it hard behind this wall.

Only reason I got caught up with a gun case this dude was touching kids and I was trying to protect them and got the bad end of it all. It only hurts because I did something righteous and wasn't there for my granny. But it won't stop me from putting all this pain into making a special woman the happiest she's ever been.

Ima very strong and smart individual. I'm 32 and never been in love before  so that's something you have advantage over me with because once I fall you got my all, you'll have it anyway long as you're honest and respect yourself.

I've changed a lot but since I've changed it's been hard to find a woman that wants a man not in the street life and has all the thrill from that lifestyle. That life destroyed me in a way you can only imagine.

Ima just say my family were somebody's and I'm somebody. But it built me to understand people to be more considerate, unselfish, more affectionate. I have a passion for pleasing protecting and providing what's needed for a woman to be satisfied. I will listen that's the only thing men miss in relationships you just got to listen to a woman and shel'll give you the world. I'm great at relationships just never been 100% ready for one.

I don't drink, smoke no type of drugs no more. I like to work out, read a lot, learn about new things from the ways of people to life period. I like to ponder on mistakes and not make them again. I'm also everything a woman needs at home great with kids. I love all women so I have no certain type far as race. Whatever you're looking for I'm looking for patients is everything. Understanding is first. I only have 8 months left as well.
Timothy Stewart # 22065-021
USP-Big Sandy
P O Box 2068   
Inez, KY 41224 USA
African American
Possesson of a Firearm
Release Date
Ad Start: 11-12-20
Ad Expiration:11-12-21