Chad Goodeaux
I'm Chad, 37, 144 lbs., 5’ 7”, with blue eyes. Born and raised in South Louisiana, I moved to Houston in 2014; 3 months later I was arrested on murder charges. I received a 20-year sentence. I come up for parole in 2024, after serving 50% of my time.  In the world I work in the chemical refineries as a chemical Tech. I enjoy reading, movies, and music (Hard Rock).  If you can get past my disclaimer so to speak, I'm really awesome as F***!!  Super chill and very likable. A little crazy at times, but a good crazy. And FYI I like crazy. LOL.  As long as they're one 100% and loyal like me, you know birds of a feather.
I've lived a long hard life and am very well-rounded in conversation. I understand more than you may think; so feel free to ask what you like. I love intelligence, ambition, funniness and wittiness. Some say I can come off as arrogant at times; and indeed I have my moments. It's a confidence born from being really good at what you do. LOL.

I'll leave you with this.
β€œThe station is ominous at midnight; hope is a dead letter.
Time to change trains now for something better.
No local train now long since departed with no hope of getting back to where you started.”

You can reach me at
Chad Goodeaux 2204536
Allred Unit
2101 FM 369 N
Iowa Park, TX 76367

Or at JPay But be sure to leave your mailing address so I can respond.

Chad Goodeaux # 2204536
Allred Unit
2101 FM 369 North
Iowa Park   TX   76367   USA
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It's Complicated
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Parole 2024