Kevin Holland
If you're reading this you must be open-minded and at least a little curious as to who I am.

Well, I currently call Atlanta home and I grew up in a small town in NC. I Left the Small Town but I kept the small town values. I live my life somewhat old fashion when it comes to how I carry myself (I'll explain when I hear from U:).

I like to travel, I love the excitement of going places and meeting people that I didn't know before. I love to live life to the fullest and I've been this way since childhood. To me that's what life is all about. I'm also a widely unsuccessful gun trafficker :) and as a result I've now spent many years of my life in prison. However, I've occupied my time by learning and improving myself. Among other things I've learned to play guitar, and am currently in the process of learning Spanish.

Under normal circumstances this isn't something I would ordinarily do. At the moment my life is anything but normal. I'm in lockdown 23-7 where every day feels like10. I've been locked up since 2006 and will be released next year… And I can't even begin to describe how good that feels. But my current situation makes this time some of the hardest I've had to do. So I'm placing this ad in hopes of meeting new people and possible a true friend.

Kevin Holland # 194615 
Unit 4
12750 Highway 96 @ Lane 13
Ordway, CO 81034 USA
Gun Trafficking
Ad Start: 08-25-16
Ad Expiration:08-25-18