Timothy Williams
Timothy Williams # 2200494
Wainwright Unit
2665 Prison Road
Lovelady   TX   75851   USA
Hi I'm Tim from Houston,TX and I’m incarcerated trying to remain “Sane”,  because it's so easy to become a statistic of becoming a lost soul, so therefore I seek out a friendly communication. Conversations that rely on “uplift” and encouragement. I'm not pressing anyone for a relationship, nor money. Crystal is one of my greatest friends and loved ones today and try very hard to obtain a smile on my heart, but the struggle is real, so I'm hoping someone else who has a heart for a prisoner can help Crystal keep me looking forward to a smile. I’m willing to listen and grow as much as needed.

If you've been hurt, disappointed and scorn, allow Tim as your new friend to secure you with confidence that your pain is a true friend's pain. Just because Joe Blow didn't compliment you today, doesn't mean Tim won't. Just because Joe Blow doesn't recognize a true friend, doesn't mean that I'm blind folded also. To all my new friends, all friends matter.

Please don't judge me by my tattoos, everybody deserves at least one chance at one friend.

Smile even if it hurts!

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Legal Help
Aggravated Robbery
Release Date
01/03/2027 Short
01/03/2037 Long