Kevin S Jackson Jr # 21A0836
Green Haven Correctional Facility
P O Box 4000
Stormville   NY   12582   USA
Kevin S Jackson Jr
Hi, this is Kevin. Stop right here, I'm what you've been looking for. I'm 35, 6’ 0” black hair, brown eyes, handsome, attractive and intelligent. I know what I like, I know how to please. I am seeking companionship. I'm looking for a woman between 25 and 50, any size, height or weight and any race who loves to have that special part of her paid attention to, you know being cherished, adored.

As for myself I am a funny and laid back kind of guy. I enjoy poetry, traveling, music and reading books. I enjoy nature. Walks in the park or on the beach. I like to be outside. I enjoy meditation for relaxation.

You can contact me through Send me an email and I'll respond immediately.

I look forward to hearing from you, take care.

Mail Call

Darkness and loneliness fill my cell with pain and fear too great to yell.

I wait for the mailman to deliver to me as I wipe away tears that no one will see.

I pray so sincere with head raised above “Please, God, soon send a letter of love.”

I long to gaze upon pages so dear with riches to bring my loved ones near.

Words of diamonds on pages of gold, a message from Heaven as their story is told.
“We love you, miss you, pray you'll be free.” A treasure-filled envelope just for me.

Please bring memories of joys I once knew, family friends and things I would do.

The darkness and pain of my cell will prevail as my name again, was not called for mail

Sincerely Your,

Native American
Assault 2nd Degree
Ad Start: 05-11-2023
Ad Expiration: 05-11-2024