Tarell Dorsey
Hey ladies. 

My name is Tarell, all my friends call me Diddy. I've been down now a little over 18 months on a 6 year bid. I guess I have reached the point of my bid where I'm searching for companionship, up to this point I've been doing this alone. So now I'm looking for a friend and see where we go from there.

A little about me, I'm very open-minded, intelligent, kindhearted, and very blunt; but most importantly I'm consistent. I'm a family oriented businessman. Before I got locked up my 9 to 9 was selling cars, an event promoter and on Saturday night I ran a club; I also threw special events once a month.

Just to speak a little on what got me here. I came home early from work to find my children's mother in bed with another man, and reacted incorrectly. I am regretful for the situation that led me here, but sometimes you can't control your emotions.

Enough of that talk though… I'm financially stable so I need for nothing while I'm in here. I have everything I want and need to get me through these obstacles I have in front of me except what this place lacks which is the natural compassion you get from a woman. This is what I miss so this is truly what I'm seeking. So I'm truly open-minded to this experience.

Tarell Dorsey # 2195245 /463439
30420 Revells Neck Road  
Westover, MD 21890 USA
African American, Hispanic
1st Degree Attempted Murder
Release Date
Ad Start: 05-09-19
Ad Expiration:05-09-20