JD Robinson
Although I was WRONGFULLY CONVICTED, and now being held hostage; I'm not panicking, all will be revealed this year.

This Legal, and court system is not pure & holy, by no stretch of the imagination: so continued ignorance or being manipulated with the "Justice for all" cliche has to stop.
We cannot progress being naive about what's real. Even with scientific evidence, and expert testimony in my favor, our judicial system wronged another so-called citizen.

I do not associate with negative energy (in people)...we can speak, but, once I find that an individual has a rotten soul, I'll create plenty of space between us.
I'm in the process of managing my justified freedom, so if you have the urge to relay any kind of nonsense, save it beloved!
I do believe in God, "The Heavenly Father". This is why I have faith God will send a wonderful, spiritual & beautiful woman to me. So we can build on a beautiful friendship.
My dedication to freedom has been the reason for not reaching out for a pen pal.

Being lonely is so much more than "a state of mind", and I swore to God I would create happiness for my future "friend", so if you are interested in communication with an Actual Man send a few encouraging words with your mailing address.
I have a good sense of humor, and I am highly respectful and loyal. I must admit that Love conquers all, ( not to be Corny).

Realistically, I possess many attributes of a good man, beyond anything physical (day-to-day), I only can provide limited happiness.
Spiritual, and Financial support will and can be had, of course legally, and legitimate.

I need a good woman, Someone who is not afraid of being challenged to be better. Any race! Call immediately.
JD Robinson # 218883
Kinross Correctional Facility
4533 W Industrial Park Drive 
Kincheloe, MI 49788 USA
Women, Donations, Legal Help
Criminal Sexual Conduct 1st Degree (Relationship)
Release Date
Ad Start: 02-14-19
Ad Expiration:02-14-20