Chris Fay
Chris Fay # 2183201
13800 McMullen Highway S W
Cumberland   MD   21502   USA
A little about myself & what I am about & what I'm looking for. Don't judge a book by its cover, because I am locked up, some of the most loyal people you'll meet or behind these walls.

Anyway, to describe myself,  I am a sexy 6 '1, tattooed from head to toe, my picture is 10 yrs old, and my whole face and head is tattooed. I got spunk & attitude, but not too much. I'm about a good time & good conversation.

I am a drug addict at a cross-road, there's keeping it real, I got a good heart and loyalty is everything to me. We all have our own struggles & shortcomings, so I don't judge but look at the good in people. I am  lonely & empty inside after being on beti for 11 yrs. & divorced, I am in need of companionship. I could use some financial help & support, more importantly a solid friendship.

My release date is 2037. I'm fighting to give time back in court, so I'll be free sooner.

I want a good woman in my life that will ride this time out with me and keep it real. I got a lot of love to spread if you're lonely and in need of somebody, I am down, if you are.

Yours truly
Chris Fay
AKA Stitches

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