Tevin Maurstad # 21786-041
U S P Lee
P O Box 305
Jonesville   VA   24263   USA
Tevin Maurstad
“ATTN: Allow me to reintroduce myself, my name is Tevin!  T to the EV!

A lil bit about myself is that I'm Native American. 6’ 2”,195 lbs., single, no kids, light golden skin complexion, majestic brown eyes, athletically built, tatted from head to toe (literally), swagger like Mick Jagger, 90s baby straight outta Minneapolis, Minnesota.

I'm down to earth with ambition outta this world, easy to converse with, super spontaneous while at the same time the militant, actually pretty funny, very optimistic, really confident and an inch away from conceited.  In other words, I am him.

My favorite things to pass time are working out (Mon-Fri), writing, drawing and also cooking, while my hobbies are basketball and tattooing.   What I value most is family and friendships, I place them in high regard an cherish em unconditionally.

My incarceration is only temporary, however, I do have a bit to do being that I was “found” guilty of a drug conspiracy on a weapons charge. I'm hoping things fall through with my appeal and I come home sooner than expected.

My intentions of being on this website is to find my Beyonce, Lol:P A Woman who wants a real genuine friendship that's ready to build with someone that's going to mirror that same energy, a serious relationship with titles and labels isn't what I'm looking for but at the same time I'm not opposed to it either.

Just know if you shoot me a letter I'm always going to hit you back with positive vibes, if you want to talk or DM then shoot me your digits or email and I'll be sure to tap in with you.

Know that if you rocking with me then I'm rolling with you!

Regardless of age, race, creed, culture or location.

If my character spikes your curiosity an interest or I should like a person you can potentially connect an Vibe with then tune in! 🙂

Tevin Maurstad #21786-041

Native American
Drug Conspiracy, Weapon Charge
Ad Start: 09-01-2022
Ad Expiration: 09-01-2023