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My name is Erica. As you know I am at point in my life where I have been forced to be still. It's given me time to think and pray, time to allow my conscience to do its job. Yes I am damaged but still superior, a handcrafted carving of uniqueness, the symbol of a strong woman.

I am a thinker. I am alive in the most important place, the mind. I could use conversation that is mutually enticing and intriguing, that can lead me into the world through your thoughts.

I tend to be in a voluntary, and constant state of reading, thinking, and learning, of evaluating the world and my position in it.

My characteristics and qualities are: I am intelligent and determined, compassionate and considerate, loyal and honest. I have a good sense of humor. I am a hard worker on every aspect of my life. My spirit is the most compelling thing about me. I am humble, not arrogant . Positive woman with lots of patience.

I am hoping to meet someone I can share my time and thoughts with, somebody to help me as I work towards making a complete and comprehensive positive change.
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