Michael Nolan
Hey, what's up?. I have been locked up for a year and a half and have found prison to be a very lonely place. I am looking for a pen-pal I can write who is dedicated and likes to have fun.

My name is Michael Nolan but some of my friends call me ILL. It's a nick name I use when I when I record Rap music. I enjoy all types of music, hip-hop, Rap, oldies and some rock. I am charismatic, fun, and a loyal friend.

I enjoy hobbies such as motocross, sports, and ice hockey. (I was a semi pro motocross racer and excelled in football and ice hockey.) I like to hang out and just enjoy life with the special friends I make. I love to laugh and just have a good time. Life is too short to waste precious moments. I am making the most of my time in prison, taking classes and learning how to weld.

I am an animal lover and have rescued pets in the past. I have two dogs living with friends and hope to join a rescue group when I get out.

I have a beautiful eleven-year-old daughter living in Michigan. We are close even though there are some miles between us.

I believe life is what we make of it. We have the choice to be happy and our thinking greatly impacts how we view life. If we focus on what we can do to make someone else's life a little better today, we will find true happiness.

Write me and I won't disappoint you. I can get JPAYS or letters. Be sure to address your letter to me and include my inmate ID number and the facility address.

Stay safe and have fun!

Michael Nolan # 2161663
Ferguson Unit
12120 Savage Drive
Midway, TX 75852 USA

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