Dean Kline
Hey ladies my name is Dean, some call me handy Dean, I'm guessing because I'm an all-around Mr. fix-it, and not because I'm inappropriate with my hands after a few drinks but being here I better be specific. Translated, I'm not a creep. Although most creeps probably say that. But I'm not that!

Please notice I also said ladies. Sorry fellas but I've got enough male companionship's for now. A bit about myself. I'm from a small town in Minnesota. I got myself into trouble back in the day with America's largest import, methamphetimines. No worries I've still got all my teeth, and my youthful good looks. I wasn't in the game long.

I'm using my time to improve myself so it would be a great idea to befriend me before I become unbearable arrogant. LOL. I'm looking for a woman who can take care of me. I'll repay you in more than one way. To be honest I'm lonely, so if you are too, we could help each other in that department.

I'm a romantic, I'd love to share long walks around the razor wire fence for someone special, picnics in the visiting room surrounded by small screaming children, and having long meaningful talks over a recorded phone, while others fight behind me waiting on phone. I'd love to have someone in my life it would be worth getting stabbed over cutting in line to msg them on Jpay!

I'm interested in meeting some new people before I get release. I'm highly intelligent, focused, extremely creative & very respectful.

Dean Kline # 216032
970 Pickett Street N 
Bayport, MN 55003 USA
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