Kentavia Jones
Hey everyone I'll start by saying I'm here to find someone I can be honest, loyal, and crown my Queen.

I'm affectionate and a musician. I'm poetical and love to make songs for women. I'm 6'2" and obsess with short women. Hispanic, light skinned, and White. I'm smart and love to learn new things at any time possible.

I graduated high school and received my diploma a year early. Soon after I was enrolled into Piedmont Virginia community college and took up my culinary career. Unfortunately beach he incarcerated soon after.

I don't have anybody on my side in here so I'm looking for whoever finds me. I'm not in this for games I've already been hurt and I'm not trying to hurt anyone the same way I was. I also want everyone to know I'm not what it seems. I'm not a criminal and just happened to be coerced into your pressure.

My plan when I come home since I love to cook I would like to open a restaurant and hopefully find someone on here who will be there with me to do so.

I'm an exceptionally respectful person with morals and values. My mind is more mature than my body. Age, looks, and size means absolutely nothing to me when you have an awesome personality and excellent charisma. I feel as though character builds a person as well as first impressions. So hopefully this gives a little insight of who I am. I would like to give my Facebook and Instagram for those who have social media and for those who would like to see a few more pictures of and my life. Please write me for this information.

Thanks for viewing I hope to hear from you soon.
Kentavia Jones # 21522084
USP-Lee County
P O Box 305
Jonesville, VA 24163 USA
Panamanian Black
2 Firearms  Possession in "Crime" of violence
Release Date
04/29/35 Good Conduct 09/02/32
Ad Start: 09-06-18
Ad Expiration:09-06-19