Greg Curry

I think ideal friendships have these; trust, respect and a healthy admiration for each other and each other's visions. I'd like to hear from people who have positive energy, that can help me carry my mission forward while we bond. I seek friends that are strong & independent of (so-called) friends that wish for you only what they decide for you.

Not so long ago I lost my dad to cancer, I watched him on visit cry because my latest rounds of appeal hadn't worked out yet, he felt he let me down. That is probably the lowest point of my life, and I was alone dealing with that. Share your similar experience? Share your vision for life?

Some of my likes are exercising, listening to music, reading and writing articles on various social justice issues.

Some dislikes are people that allow others to decide what's good for them, and liars.

I'm a great listener. I have some really good ideals that I need help developing. I'm an open book, Libra, ask any questions or let's discuss any subject. I've become a responsible man on my own violation, let's see how we can add to each other's journey.

Greg Curry
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