Greg Curry

It's a blessing for me that you're considering writing. I have lots of affection ideals on social issues or current events to share and most importantly a huge beautiful heart.

I wish to learn from you, listen to your concerns, take a journey with you.

Some of my likes are reading, exercising, positive people. My dislikes are, people who fail to honor their word, people with no passion, or those that allow others to decide what should make them happy.

I'm totally single and I seek someone with no baggage.

Yes I'm in prison and have made bad choices that's a snapshot of who I was, you need only a moment in my present to discover who I am.

I like you often hear a beautiful song and think how nice it would be to share my thoughts with someone feeling the same way.

I plan to be a youth mentor once I get released from prison. I just have a passion to save them. I believe in giving my best and and karma will bless me with the best, it's a true reality if you want to try it I'm here come as you are let's grow together.

There is nothing off-limits so ask any question, I'll answer them. You've probably tried others to no avail now try me...

Freedom first,
Greg Curry

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Toledo, OH 43608 USA
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African American
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2029 to Life
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