Greetings, I’m currently incarcerated in Texas & I’m expecting to embrace a good friend that I can share my ideas & dreams with on a high level. I’m very gifted &  talented on anonymous levels but I feel like once I meet that special someone that understands the essential of creativity & love on a high spiritual level, I'll become more in communion with my purpose in life & I'll be afforded the exact opportunity that I know I deserve in life to be a part of the infrastructure in the community & societies around my country. And if I'm fortunate enough I know there is a pinnacle that can be reached that will live past death. My virtue & ideal woman must be a reflection of creativity & beauty. I'm attracted to women who hold themselves to certain standards & hold certain principles about themselves to a degree that enlightens them in society as a humanitarias. I will always respect a real woman for her position in life if she has dreams &  plans to empower herself & the people around her.

I'm a man that appreciates some of the smallest things & I'm a realist so I try my best to keep myself grounded with beneficial type individuals & when I say beneficial I mean on all levels.

It can be on an educational level & ect.

I like to read & study things that will not only benefit me but the people around me.  And I'm a firm believer of the true powers of manifestation.  And I also know that the laws and attraction are very….TRUE!🙂

Now, after my introduction is read by the right individuals, the only true response I'll get is the one that's meant for me.

May peace be upon you all.

What are you waiting for?

Write me & send me pics & an address that I can use to respond back ASAP.


Jamarr Heywood # 2128727
Wainwright Unit
2665 Prison Road 1
Lovelady   TX   75851   USA
Jamarr Heywood
Women, Friends, Donations,
Legal Help
African American
Aggravated Assault
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