Paul McCormick
Paul McCormick # 212549
ASPC Florence South
P O Box 8400
Florence   AZ   85132   USA
So, anyone seeking a pen pal that's handsome, positive and creative? I know one!

My name is Paul. I'm a temporary resident of Arizona State Prison. I'm 60, 5’6, 185 lbs. I was raised on the beaches of Southern California and have lived most of my adult life in a small mountain town in Arizona.

I'm a simple man at heart. Accepting of others and respectful of their beliefs. I believe in love, commitment, honesty and helping others when possible. I'm healthy and seeking one or more pen pals. I enjoy writing of course and receiving mail.

I have a good relationship with my son. Most of the rest of my family has passed  away. So yes, I know the experience of loss .

I have a good job in here doing what I enjoy. I'm always seeking to better myself and have taken advantage of opportunities in this place. Although my sentence is long, I do plan to leave this place someday.

We do have tablets so you can sign up for emails if you desire. I welcomed mail from any race and any sexual orientation. I will answer every letter, so send me a letter today.

First question; If you could travel anywhere in the world, where  would you go? Would you take a family member? A special friend? Or go alone?

Ad Start: 01-12-2023
Ad Expiration:  01-12-2024
Women, Men, Friends
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