Robert Rudzavice

What can I say? I'm a musician. Musiq soul child is my favorite artist. Have you ever heard the Nick Cannon song with Jeremiah? It's called "Dream Girl". Well, YouTube the song then imagine my remix…

I call this segment…

Bi-polar moments:
Sayin I don't give a F**k lately…
So who you hatin on if it ain't me
I don't give a f***
Please don't waste your love
But I've been singin Tyrese lately
So who you sleepin on if it ain't me sweet lady
I'm about to bust...then shower you in love.

That wasn't too X-rated but I love that remix and I sing well enough to do a cover of that song with no problem.

I worked in the oil field, I have one child and he is my world. He is a gift from God and he has been since the beginning. I have a wonderful supportive family but I am easily bored and am used to getting more attention than I am getting  in prison. It sucks. I feel like everyone forgot about the one that made them laugh all the time! How do you do that?  Ha Ha. Anyways, I am looking for friends. If I meet the right one that would make me happy as well but I don't have my fingers crossed.

If you Jpay me… You have to leave your address or I have no way of writing you back!

I get along with anybody, I love talking on the phone, I love all music and sports. Dallas Cowboys 4 life!

Well, get to writin so I can get your letter and feel special!

I have possibility of parole every year.

Talk to ya soon.
Robert Rudzavice # 2117097
Clements Unit
9601 Spur 591  
Amarillo, TX 79107 USA
Women, Friends, Donations, Legal Help
DWI, Failure Render Aid, Burglary of Habitation with Intent to Assault
Release Date
12/10/29 or Parole
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Ad Expiration:11-07-21