Timothy Senkowski
Didn't your parents ever tell you don't believe everything you read. Why is that? Because there is always two sides to every story. Even if our government wants you to believe their lies.

Could your government lie to you? Why sure they do. How else do you think those prosecutores, judges and politicians are going to make you think you're safe here in this country. Freedom these days only seems to be a loosely used word.

Could something like this happened to you? Just ask our newest Supreme Court justice B.K. that question. Do you believe that young people under the age of 18 have any constitutional rights in this country. I'd say no. As parents we were going to allow our 13-year-old daughter to open her controversail website. Who would know it would cost me 238 months of pure hell.

This country and its people are trying so hard to be politically correct and proper, that we've now become so constitutional wrong. That opinion has now become law more than law itself has. Let's take that distasteful ad of H. C. back on her campaign trail. The one where she use those poor young women and girls to discredit Trump about beauty.

Tell me this, how in the world does women and girls in their undergarments become classified as being pornography? Some over zealous cop, prosecutor, and judge distaste shouldn't be able to be turned into law. The state court of Missouri had already told the officer that the pictures weren't child pornography.

So if pornography is about women and girls in their bikinis, bras, panties, and any nighties with no sexual act. Then Lord help us. Let's close the beaches, pools, beauty pageants, stop selling all kinds of magazines, shut down television and movies. Sorry boys, no more Victoria Secret for you.
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