Quinton Quarles
Quniton Quarles # 210940
Northpoint Training Center
P O Box 474
Burgin   KY   40310   USA
Hello my name is Quinton,  I go by Que for short.  I’m 35 years old and I’m currently serving a 30 year prison sentence, and I’m working hard to overturn that possibly give some time back, but during my time I’m also working on myself, so I’ll be prepared to start life fresh once I’m released.

Family is very important to me, I’m a father of five, and my children are my world.  I think that now days people lose sight of the importance of family and the value they hold.

Things that I enjoy are exercising, I find it to be therapeutic and stimulating for the mind and body, I like playing chess, I think it helps to increase your ability to focus, think fast and strategically.  I love to listen to music, Rap, R & B, Old School, a country song here and there, any music that feels good and puts you in a good mood, sports - but I’m not a die-hard fan type of guy, just enjoy them sometimes.

I may seem all over the place with my intro, I’m just unfamiliar with this type of self-introduction to an unknown audience, so it’s a little mind boggling wondering what someone will think or say or just who I may meet.  Never was big on social media, used to meeting the old way - human interaction.  Well, if by chance I strike your interest, feel free to contact me directly by mail or add me on JPay.

Hope to hear from you soon.

African American
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