Bob Lee Handy
I was given the option to make a decision on what type of ad I wish to have posted on this website. The choices were between personal ad or legal ad. I quickly debated between the two choice options. Due to the fact that the legal side of my now incarceration has already been decided. My legal matters are over, it's time for me to focus only on my future.

At my age of being 36 born November 17, 1982, Scorpio zodiac sign. I'm considering my life to be very important. Although I've made a few uncalculated mistakes. I still feel as though there is still another 36 years within my future, if not more. Being my age, 6 foot, reddish brown complexion, full head of hair, four tattoos, 32 near white clean teeth, functioning brain matter, good bill of health, positive motives and honest intentions. I'm at the age in life where the lies stop and the honesty's starts. I've lost and gained a lot over the many years. At this age a person just wants some simplicity . At this age a person just wants to be loved in a positive likeness and wants someone to love.

Years before today I thought that my ideal match would be a 5'5", 180 pounds, measurement 34B/24/50, long healthy hair, green or hazel eyes, nice skin tan and educated and full of spunk.until I learned that  love is more than what I idolize. Love is quality time well spent. Love is positive open concern. Love is unconditional effort. Love is considered to be 1 million plus other positive attributes. But most importantly, love is what I seek. Show me that you still believe and carry  these attributes of love with your heart.

I have a moderate sentence that I don't want to take forever to complete. What I want from this probably can't be enough space to write. What I wish to be to you first is a good friend. Let's be friends; better friend; best friends.

All ethnics, genders, nationalities and personalities are accepted.
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