Vernon Shabu Cowan
My name is Vernon, family and friends call me Shabu. I’m from the “ELM CITY” New Haven, Connecticut. I’m a 5’10”, 175 pound 52 years young African American Man.

I've been married and divorced once. I have a wonderful, smart, intelligent, kind and loving 15 year old daughter who is amazing! She is my “RA” , my life force. Our love and our bond with my father's love and support-is my strength and keeps me focused to make it back home to them both.

Allow me to describe myself. Generally I am very ambitious and my determination is never ending. Those who know me well, will tell you.

I’m kind, compassionate, loyal almost to a fault, loving, strong, family oriented and very passionate about any endeavor I embark upon.

I won't lie to you though, I am in pain. I have much empathy, remorse, sorrow and agony, for that which I am imprisoned for.

I’ve caused others pain, caused my family and daughter pain and this hurts. I’m working through this with my kemetic spirituality.

Forgiveness, healing and peace I know are attainable which I am striving for. I also want to be the best man and father I can be despite my predicament.

My body is in captivity, but my mind, spirit and soul are as free as you.

I awake each day and thank the creator for my countless blessings and put my strong foot forward.

I divide my days up starting with my daily meditations and breathing exercises. Writing, reading, always looking to learn something new. Listening to good music, playing chess, exercising and finishing my book I’m writing.

I’d like to expand my realm by reaching out to the world through this ad. I won't lie to you about anything in my life, past or present.

I look for the best in people and in every situation; even the bad because there's a lesson to be found there too.

I’d like to meet a mature woman to communicate with in a positive, friendly and respectful manner.

I’m not looking for someone to fall in love with, asking a woman to be faithful and hold me down. No, that’s unrealistic in most situations. Only the rarest of circumstances allows such a beautiful relationship to blossom and flourish.

Honestly that’s not what I’m seeking or expecting. In fact, I have no expectations at all. I’d just like to make a genuine friendship with someone who can understand me and maybe connect with me mentally and spiritually.

So please, hit me up! Either by regular mail or electronically by Email through

I’m looking forward to hearing from “you”, the one who can vibe with me.

Thank You!
Shabu . . .
P.S.  The photo of me with the locks is when I was younger and had hair (smile).  My other photos were taken 02/03/2021

Vernon Shabu Cowan # 141253
MacDougall/Walker Correctional Institution
1153 East Street South
Suffield   CT   06080   USA

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