Robert Longoria
Robert Longoria # 2100258
Robertson Unit
P O Box 660400
Dallas   TX   75266   USA
To hope is a strong stance and one wishes to have someone (female) by his side to wish for a strong hope in all one can do & not do. I've sinned and am looking for a woman to help through the rest of my life to stay on their right path. I'm looking for someone to help me through these last month's and even last years of my sentence. To start a “Hobby Farm” and become self-sufficient for ourselves. I'm sure this is my last chance at a new life with and with God and his son Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.

We, you & I will get it done. I'm not well educated or use proper spell & all but I sure do have heart. I'm owned a construction company for over 30 years & will use that to fall back on and possibly as a second income. I don't want a drinker or partyer lifestyle anymore, so don't apply if that is what you still do.

The Lord and a family is all I would like, as well as some vacation time, 2 years, possibly.
The “Hobby Farm” is a must and a great woman to share it with.

Yours Truly,
Robert W. Longoria

P.S. I can be paroled at any time and hope to be but still have someone to write or Facebook or call.

Please place the return address on all JPays and mail. Also you can at this time e-message me by subscribing through This would be a lot simpler by far. I have a tablet here in prison & that's what they/we are using to communicate with family & friends out there.

Ad Start: 02-14-2024
Ad Expiration:  02-14-2025
DWI 3rd Class Felony
Release Date
Discharge 20