Oscar Benitez # 21-000149
MCCF - W-1-2
22880 Whelan Lane
Boyd   MD   20841   USA
Oscar Benitez
My name is Oscar Benitez, I’m Hispanic, born in El Salvador.  I came to the U.S. when I was 3.  Went to school here all my life, took some art classes in College.  I have hazel eyes, 5’10 in height.  Trying to keep in shape, since I have some time in here.

Reflecting on my mistake, I see finally want I want in my life.  Looking for a special partner in crime, a ride or die chick, a Bonnie and Clyde partnership, JZ and Bee or Will and Jada type of love.  Also, someone remarkable inside and out.  I can write in Spanish.  I studied French in high school.  I’m learning Portuguese.  I love to travel, got family in LA and Los Vegas.  I love to drive fast to Miami, New York, Texas.  I would like to travel when I get out to DR, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Costa Rica, Chile.  To Brazil and Portugal to practice my Portuguese.  To Canada or the French Quarters in Louisiana or France to practice my French. Looking for a beautiful, lovely lady to send me picture of bikini, thongs, short shorts, yoga pants.

I give great massages with my hands, and rebuild/remodel homes.  If you’re looking to have a good time, I promise everyday will be something different.  Through the hard times we may pass, we’ll go through it together.

Release Date
Ad Start: 02-25-21
Ad Expiration:  02-25-22