Steven Fleming
Steven Fleming # 20A0237
Mohawk Correctional Facility
P O Box 8451
Rome   NY   13442   USA
Greetings! My name is Steven but most call me Mz. 20. I stand at 6 ft, 195 lbs. with long locks. I’m African American and Jamaican with lots of tattoos and an awesome smile.

I have about 2 yrs. left on this term and just looking to get into politics with lovely females from all over. She can be White, Fat, Black, Light Skin, Type Slim matter of fact shorty ain't even got to like men!

I’m 40 yrs. young but as you can see I look younger 😉. I take good care of myself. Let's get to know each other and build!

You can contact me on the Jpay App on your mobile phone: Pick NY and put my DIN # 20A0237 or if you’re ole school than:

Steven Fleming #20A0237
Mohawk Corr. Facility
P.O.Box 8451
Rome, NY 13442

Stay Corona-Free & Be Safe.

Steven Fleming

Ad Start: 04-21-22
Ad Expiration:  04-21-23
Women, Friends
African American, Rastafarian
Raised Baptist, Study Rastafari
Drugs, Weapon Possession
Release Date