Kevin Clark
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Huntsville, TX 77349 USA
My name is Kevin Clark.

I'm 39 years old, 5 feet 11, and I weigh around 198 pounds. I have been incarcerated for over two years now and is serving a seven year sentence for possession of 9 firearms. Which by this time next year I should be getting released.

While on this journey I have become a much wiser individual in my decision-making. Learning how to make better choices and decisions have help me in becoming a self-publishing author and a responsible entrepreneur. I'm attending college for my business degree and all my awesome goals are intune with my vision.

I have two kids, my son is 14 and my daughter is 22. Both of my kids are of different race so as you can tell, I do not let the color of one's skin tone define their inner delights.

I'm searching for a female that has her life intuned with God. She doesn't have to be an everyday churchgoer but she has to be at least God-fearing. I need someone that can handle a project without holding, or throwing in the towel when things start to look bad. I believe in building a woman not breaking her down.

Sincerely yours,
Kevin Clark
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African American
Possession of a Firearm
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