Dale O'Neal
Dale O'Neal # 2095907   
Telford Unit 
3899 Highway 98   
New Boston, TX 75570 USA
"How are you"


My name is Dale and it's likewise to meet a lady like you! There are some things I want to tell you, but first off; how are you?

Can we conversate and feel the vibe, reminisce let me complement you! Talk about things that's interest of you and let me pursue you, while you flirt and bring your A game Boo!

Just know that I won't bite, unless you would really want me to! But that's for another topic, because once it starts, it's guaranteed to keep you squirming and shaking Boo!

I'm looking for someone with the soul with commitment to thrive. A desirable woman that expresses her desires. Who is also open and responsive in getting to identifying and connecting with a wonderful guy!

My name is Dale and it's likewise to meet a lady like you! Let's marinate in each other's company, but first let me ask; how are you?

Preference #
# A Mature Lady
# A Friendship & Companionship
# No Half Stepping
# A Self-Assured Lady
# A Motivator

If that lady is you, please know that your future awaits @Dale O'Neal # 2095907
Women, Friends, Donations
African American, Hispanic
Possession WID 4 to 200 Grams Meth
Release Date
Ad Start: 11-29-18
Ad Expiration:
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