Beau Gardee
Hello, and thank you all in advance for the opportunity to meet every one of you. 

So anyways I'm from Washington state. I'm a member of the Yakama Nation. Well I'm nearing the end of my time, and thought it would be a great chance to meet new people, from all over. I prefer people primary from the West Coast, but all welcomed.

Well, what little I can say about myself. I'm 38. I enjoy reading about tribal law and laws that protect our treaties. I also very much enjoy my Native American culture the sweat lodge traditional beading outside of that. I'm pretty easy-going, I'm all about respect.

Well I'm going to state a few more things before I close this with some favorite quotes. While to all I hope that the short introduction has enough to inspire you to write. I look forward to sharing intellectual conversation in future.

Quote: "Let people show you who they are by their actions."
"Never judge a person until you define who they are."

P.S. Until pen meets paper, stay safe and take care.

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