Alton Hanson
Alton Hanson # 2083582
9601 Spur 591
Amarillo   TX   79107    USA
Basically… I have many “ASSETS” that put me highly-favored over-others… Like:  Being a Good “Listener”, knowing when to open up on my point of view, stunding the person.  Conversation with a high intellect of understanding… And being very ambitious… Going after my desires in life putting a lot of dedication in my ethnics, striving for perfection and being a good “observer”.  Very aware of blurry situations, and can make out a perfect view of clarity.  Giving full focus on a person or the situation, showing understanding and committed attention learning how to deal with a person inside out, knowing when to react off a reaction and basically knowing when to take over a situation being mindful and earful are my assets, when I’m dealing with different people.

I’m looking for somebody I can be equal with companionship, a woman who is dedicated to her perfection, knowing what she wants out of life.  Somebody who is inspiring, somebody I can learn something from mentally and physically.  A woman who is very level headed, a person who can be a leader in certain situations knowing when to voice her opinion and very out spoken at heart, a woman who is not self-centered and not selfish in showing her emotions.

Please make sure you add your address so I can write you back.
African American
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