Onturia Lawade White

Lady's and gentlemen it's my ultimate hope and prayer that I can get to know you. YES you reading this ad.

My name is Onturia Lawade White. I'm 41, 6'0" tall, I weigh 215 pds. I work out daily and I have a shirt tattoos. I've been told I was eye-catching. Laugh.

I'm looking for a special person as yourself. Calm down!! You have a chance to correspond with me. If you consider yourself as a queen, Princess, star unique or a miracle. Now fellows if you are a leader, boss, sports man or if you love your pet dog as her best friend then I'm talking to you.

When I was out in the world I love my family gatherings, my kid church and school events, taking my only daughter and girlfriend to the nail shop. I miss church sitting with my grandmother doing service. I had horses that I rode in trail rides, go to Galveston, Texas City and fish. I have a passion for fast cars and motorsport strips. I miss sneaker hunting. I'm a person of style I will spend my last on the latest clothes fashion.

I'm not desperate just lonely. I'm looking for a person to share their life experiences and attention with me. In other words build a special bond that's unbreakable.

Living here in prison can get challenging so can living in the world and I hope I can be that person you can vent to. I would love to correspond with you. Yes you… Well I'm looking forward to correspond with you. I want you to keep in mind I'm a guy with all the same regular needs and desires in life as everybody else. Love, security, and happiness.

Onturia Lawade White # 2077239
Hughes Unit
Rt 2 Box 4400  
Gatesville, TX 76597 USA
Women, Men, Friends, Legal Help
African American
Jehovah Witness
Release Date
6/10/88 Serving a Life Sentence 75 Years
Ad Start: 09-19-19
Ad Expiration:09-19-20