Phil Smallwood
"Hello world ..

I pray and hope that everything is "well "as the one reading this wants it to be. If it's not," then just know that it ain't because you don't want it for yourself"; but do know that this stranger is wanting it for you huh! (nah forreal though),

Call me "Lotto:, or if you wanna sicle, with my Queen (moms)-then so be it. " Phil" huh! LOL however, I'm not torn between the two. So the significance is still be same. "No 1/2 stepping, you gets all of me" #Dats #law.

I'm a firm believer in the universal laws, which know me and can break or alter. Though also I carry the Jewels upon my crown & grounds of my Adam's apple that were given to me from my "superheroes" (grandparents). Being the only child between my parents made life more l lecirnt physically, but even as I get better on my pivot. Still, my zodiac spoke that I'll endure much hardship! But if I may… Then, let me ask, "is you(the one reading) ok with a concrete Rose?" I mean, I'm loyal and unconditional…

To say that, I'm stating that, "I'm only on here to find someone to go 1/2 on 101% with. Don't trip, I'll give the extra push to prove and show I am what God made me for everyone and everything in my life ". (It's how I deal with my trust issues. Motto:" be " unreplaceable"or who you know that hit the lottery twice? Smiling…

On  flipside… I'ma Southern gentleman, so it can be red wine & steak or just red coolaid and comedy flicks! Either or… Me and George Washington can relate. #Single… Though I'm more one the handsome side, I like trees, and I believe in self-discipline not prejudiced so what does your curiosity like about this…?

Tell me,
a future homey-loves and true friend…
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