Phil Smallwood
"My naked truth is...."

That I'm here in search of someone! (Specifically) a someone that believes in a "Power" greater than man, and that isn't ashamed of their "faith". A someone that's open-minded, and understanding… And a someone that wouldn't mind being "my motivation" & "my inspiration". (Smiling) (" hopefully that's not too much to ask for.")

My name is "Phil" or"Lotto" (like the lottery) by many as a chosen given nickname. A 29-year-old, Taurus Bull, at 6 feet, 180-190 lbs., Brown skinned, stouthearted individual, with the ugliest weight of the world on my shoulders! And doing my best not to give… However, I'm not alone down, but I am!  This "wrongfully conviction" is slowly killing my mother (though she never speaks of it and tries her hardest to hide the pain from me) and too it's eating at the victim's family knowing that "unjust"was served to a good person… I'm holding because God has "the last say so", but praying that while in the mist of being patient he'll send me a someone! Bottled up to be honest; but instead of just talking, I would like to build something. (If you're cool with that?)
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